Gina Clarke

Freelance Journalist & PR

Gina Clarke is a freelance journalist, PR & Forbes contributor.

She has worked for the BBC, British Forces Broadcasting Service and the Press Association for over a decade.

In 2016 she launched Gina Clarke Media, where she continues with journalism but also offers her PR services for businesses within the health, technology and start-up sectors.

Launching in 2018, Gina Clarke Media will begin to offer a training service both in person and available online with courses set around social media and digital content creation.

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I'll be the first person to see Meghan Markle's wedding dress

Tina Daheley will be reporting for the BBC on Meghan's big day.

Olympian Rebecca Adlington champions the health benefits of pork

Featuring the lesser known pork medallion, her Asian meal was revealed as part of a new campaign to highlight the health benefits of pork. Rebecca said: "I got behind the...

'Queen Elizabeth won't even be AWARE of Meghan Markle's Instagram' claims Jennie Bond

Speaking exclusively to about the Royal Family's use of social media, Jennie, ex-BBC Royal Correspondent, said: "I very much doubt the Queen is aware of what is...

'Never say never' to a Ground Force reunion, says ex-host Charlie Dimmock

It's been 20-years since Ground Force first appeared on our screens but it may not be the last says ex-host Charlie Dimmock. She confirmed today that she still regularly meets...

Grow your cherry tomatoes on the commute with Ex-Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury

Family gardening or 'community gardening' is becoming a huge project for urban cities as they tackle the lack of accessible green space by introducing pop up gardens. That's...

Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency


The Biggest Thing To Happen In Blockchain Since Bitcoin

There is no doubt that Blockchain is evolving, right now hundreds of ICOs are currently vying for your investment ready to launch that great new project. But to find the best...


Here's How You Can Validate An ICO Using Your Chrome Browser

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is a world filled with excitement and new technology, but like your Mother always warned, if something seems too good to be true then it probably...


Microfinance Reaps Rewards For Offline Communities In Africa

How software developments by company Oradian are enabling small businesses to scale up in Africa Picture the scene. It's the month end, and you're due a stock take. Not only do...


The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

Gina Clarke takes an in-depth look at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Malta All Set to Become "The Blockchain Island" - Latest Online Gambling News

The small island of Malta has made further steps in its bid to become known as "The Blockchain Island". Recent news comes from the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange...


Q&A With Microsoft: Businesses At Risk Thanks To Cloud-Based Finance

Recently, at a thought-leading Fintech event co-ordinated by the University of Essex and insurance disrupters Hood Group, Microsoft's Development Manager Phil Winstanley raised...

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Binance Stopped from Seeking Cash Injections - Latest Online Gambling News

The founder of crypto-exchange Binance is being sued for allegedly breaching an exclusivity agreement. The suit stems from a promise of cash made when the platform was first...

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Crypto Mining Expands in Russia

Bitcoin has long been the championed currency of the crypto world but, with only a limited supply of coins to mine, it has jumped from being a hobby for individuals to big...


Why Blockchain Could Be The Downfall Of YouTube Advertising

Digitial advertising amongst media platforms is big business but with fake views and bots plaguing the likes of YouTube, ad-fraud and inaccurate reporting abound. Enter...


10 benefits of using artificial intelligence in the workplace

Can you remember the Matrix? We might not all be plugged in, but now both our personal and business lives are plugged on. Whether it's Siri, Alexa or Clever Nelly, Artificial...


Concerns over cryptocurrency regulations escalate as Bitcoin heralds growth

Concerns over cryptocurrency regulations escalate as Bitcoin heralds growth

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Twitter Bans Ads for Cryptocurrency and ICOs - Latest Online Gambling News

The social platform Twitter has become the latest online giant to ban the advertising of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Rumors started to circulate in early...

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