Gina Clarke

Freelance Journalist & PR

Gina Clarke is a freelance journalist, PR & Forbes contributor.

She has worked for the BBC, British Forces Broadcasting Service and the Press Association for over a decade.

In 2016 she launched Gina Clarke Media, where she continues with journalism but also offers her PR services for businesses within the health, technology and start-up sectors.

Launching in 2018, Gina Clarke Media will begin to offer a training service both in person and available online with courses set around social media and digital content creation.

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The foodie hotspot to get on board with this year.

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London can Boom as a FinTech Capital After Brexit say Remitsy

Remitsy is the world's first cross-border solution for business payments to Alipay wallets - China's leading third-party online payment solution. The company was founded by...


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Gina Clarke explores how wine can provide a unique investment opportunity as part of a diverse portfolio.


The Sun

Why Meghan MUST invite her family to her wedding - however embarrassing

EVERYONE loves a wedding - until it's time to do the guest list. Then, suddenly, 'your' big day becomes more about managing petty squabbles, awkward family reunions and fears...

Top Sante

Power up your pelvic floor!

Exercising has many benefits for your body and soul, but it's not all about toning your arms and tum - sometimes it's the little muscles you can't see that will bring you the...

Training Journal

How to stay on top of personal development and training when working for yourself

Being self-employed and working from home is difficult to manage. Distractions are everywhere and a lack of management or pressures from colleagues mean that self-discipline and...

Mail Online

Mother goes from earning £20 to £1,250 an HOUR as a wealth coach

Michelle Lowbridge, 39, from Shropshire is trained in kinesiology Used healing prinicples to identify issues surrounding her attitude to money Set up online course to share with...

Easter Monday: Do we really need an extra day off work?

Out of all the holidays Easter weekend is my sanctuary. Christmas is too cold, summer too long but at Easter there is just enough time to make the 250-mile journey to see the...


"Why I feel sorry for Kate Middleton and her fresh-faced hospital exit"

The Duchess of Cambridge has handled the world's gaze with poise and good humour, but her fresh-faced stoicism should not be held up as the norm.

The Sun

Mum-of-five who paid £1k for a vagina facelift still hated her body... so got a £4k loan to have...

A MUM-OF-FIVE who forked out £1,000 on a vagina facelift to boost her sex life has taken out a loan to fund further surgery, after being left hating her body. Despite things...

The Independent

As a woman who doesn't wear make-up I still think what Alicia Keys did was brave

I'm not one to wear make-up; I find it time consuming, confusing and needless. Sure I experimented with my friends, but buying blue eyeliner from the market on a Saturday...

The CURE for thinning hair? Woman reveals THIS is key to thick her locks

"I can totally see myself wearing them as I get older, grey hair or comfy PJs hanging out at home but feeling confident as I know that my hair looks perfect. "I used to have...

Mail Online

Former NHS urology nurse develops vaginal rejuvenation treatment

Nurse Emma Soos, 40, Nottinghamshire suffered issues after giving birth Couldn't get treatment she needed so decided to develop her own using lasers Used treatment on herself...

Mail Online

Designer vagina treatment improves mothers' sex lives

Former model Nicole Francis, 32, from Liverpool is a mother-of one a who was prone to occasional leakage and embarrassed about her appearance downstairs. She decided to...

The Independent

I'm scandalised by the judgment being heaped on Jools and Jamie Oliver's birth decision

I went in to labour with my second child with an open mind. And I'd love to tell you that after a short and easy labour, my bouncing baby boy found his way in to the world...

Spirit & Destiny

Spiritual High Flyers

Spiritual High Flyers

the Guardian

Gina Davies: Google is giving people a misleading impression of me - I am not a pole dancer named...

I know we've only just met, but I feel it's important to get through to you before I see that knowing glint in your eye as I introduce myself - I AM NOT A POLE DANCER. Some...



The top 10 tips for the ultimate power handshake

1) Preparation Handshakes can be practically tricky, especially if you are concentrating on holding a folder or glass - as can be the case at work-related events. Ensure that...