Gina Clarke

Freelance Journalist & PR

Gina Clarke is a freelance journalist, PR & Forbes contributor.

She has worked for the BBC, British Forces Broadcasting Service and the Press Association for over a decade.

In 2016 she launched Gina Clarke Media, where she continues with journalism but also offers her PR services for businesses within the health, technology and start-up sectors.

Launching in 2018, Gina Clarke Media will begin to offer a training service both in person and available online with courses set around social media and digital content creation.

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Mail Online

Designer vagina treatment improves mothers' sex lives

Former model Nicole Francis, 32, from Liverpool is a mother-of one a who was prone to occasional leakage and embarrassed about her appearance downstairs. She decided to...

The Independent

I'm scandalised by the judgment being heaped on Jools and Jamie Oliver's birth decision

I went in to labour with my second child with an open mind. And I'd love to tell you that after a short and easy labour, my bouncing baby boy found his way in to the world...

Spirit & Destiny

Spiritual High Flyers

Spiritual High Flyers

the Guardian

Gina Davies: Google is giving people a misleading impression of me - I am not a pole dancer named...

I know we've only just met, but I feel it's important to get through to you before I see that knowing glint in your eye as I introduce myself - I AM NOT A POLE DANCER. Some...



The top 10 tips for the ultimate power handshake

1) Preparation Handshakes can be practically tricky, especially if you are concentrating on holding a folder or glass - as can be the case at work-related events. Ensure that...

The Pound Sterling Live - Today's Rolling Coverage of the British Pound Sterling

Beauty Industry in Strategy Shift as Brexit Shakes the Market

The beauty product industry is worth £17 billion to the UK economy according to Raconteur - that's £342.90 on beauty and skincare spent by each of us. Federico Raoul Cucchi,...

The Pound Sterling Live - Today's Rolling Coverage of the British Pound Sterling

Demand for Flights to Italy, Portugal, Spain Constant Despite Pound's Drop say

Tourism is a booming industry for the UK, and Brexit seems to have had only a positive impact on vacations for our friends both across the pond and in Europe, as travelling...

The Pound Sterling Live - Today's Rolling Coverage of the British Pound Sterling

Formulating a Post-Brexit Corporate Strategy: "The Biggest risk of Brexit is Panicky Behaviour"

The Caffeine Partnership is a strategic business consultancy based in London who work with business leaders globally. Caffeine was founded ten years ago with a 'stimulating...

The Pound Sterling Live - Today's Rolling Coverage of the British Pound Sterling

Expansion Plans Remain in Place Despite Brexit say Tombola but Express Concerns Over Freedom of...

Tombola is the biggest online bingo site in the UK, Italy and Spain and boasts more players than any other online bingo site. The company has been in the bingo business for 50...


How to use social media to ensure business success

Social media is a huge precursor to buying power, so it is important to get the presence of your brand just right. But the way we use social media to promote our business needs...


The best and worst case scenarios for the UK after Brexit

On June 23, 2016, Britain took the enormous decision to leave the European Union, after 51 percent of the population voted out. Prime Minister Theresa May has since triggered...


Employee retention post-Brexit: playing for keeps

Incentivising your workforce both generally and individually will encourage staff to stay put and withstand any teething problems during the Brexit negotiations.

Executive PA magazine

Brexit and the PA



connectionuk - September/October 2017 - 1

The Costco Connection is the monthly magazine published for the members of Costco Wholesale and for others curious about the world of Costco. The Connection features timely...

The Telegraph

A year's unpaid leave for carers - what do SMEs think?

Among a slew of proposals on workers' rights in the Conservative manifesto is a commitment to introduce a new statutory right for employees to take up to a year of unpaid leave...


Why start-ups and SMEs need to learn how to delegate

Delegating can be difficult - how do you learn to put your company's future in the hands of someone else? Before you can delegate effectively, you need to have the right team in...


HR news, jobs & blogs | Human resources jobs, news & events - People Management

Generation Y men earn £12,500 less than the previous generation by the time they reached the age of 30, new research has revealed. Between the ages of 22 and 30, men experienced...

the Guardian

When self-employment spells freedom and flexibility

Paths to self-employment are many and varied, so what makes people choose to go down them? In 2016, the number of self-employed workers in the UK reached an all-time high of 4.8...